Home Exterior Designs – Top 10 Modern Trends

Home Exterior Designs – Top 10 Modern Trends

The home exterior design is as imported as the interior design. It seems simple, but first impressions matter. Create a simple house exterior is not easy. When dreaming about a new exterior for your home, think about what you want neighbors and family to see and feel when they arrive at your house. And just like you might for a kitchen or bedroom redesign. pay attention to what you like. When people first look at your house. it is the exterior design part that they will recognize first. Browse through magazines or drive through neighborhoods. take notes of exteriors that appeal to you. Try to identify the features and elements that stand out to create a beautiful home. Think about the impression you want to make and draw from ideas. colors and themes that you like. In the event that you arrangement on having another house. you may need to acknowledge having a great exterior home design. Here we talk about Modern Home Exterior Trends. A bea…

List of Accredited Courses Offered in University of Abuja

We have gathered the information you needed on the Full accredited Courses in University of Abuja by the National University Commission.


 University of Abuja theinfopro.com.ng

General Admission Requirement

100 level

  • Candidate who is seeking for admission should possess a Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE) or equivalents with Credits in Five (5) Subjects in not more than two sittings. A Candidate must in addition have an acceptable score in the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board.

Direct Entry

  • Candidate seeking admission into 200 level must possess two A’ Level passes or equivalents in addition to Crdits in three Other Subjects at the SSCE or equivalents or a Diploma , NCE with at least upper credit


  • In all Cases, ‘O’ level credit in English Language is required in addition; a credit in Mathematics is required for all Science Courses, Accounting, Sociology, Geography, and Economics.



Here is the Comprehensive list of Accredited Courses Offered in the University of Abuja by the NUC


Faculty of Agriculture

  • Agricultural Economics and Extension

  • Animal Science

  • Crop Science

  • Soil Science


Faculty of Arts

  • English and Literary Studies

  • History

  • Theatre Arts

  • Philosophy and Religion

  • Linguistics and African Languages


College of Health Science

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

  • Anatomical Sciences

  • Medical Biochemistry

  • Physiology


Faculty of Basic Clinical Sciences

  • Hematology and Blood Transfusion

  • Pathology and Forensic Medicine


Faculty of Clinical Sciences

  • Community Medicine

  • Internal Medicine

  • Paediatrics

  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology

  • Othamology

  • Surgery


Faculty of Education

  • Arts and Social Science Education

  • Counselling and Educational Psychology

  • Educational Management

  • Science and Environmental Education


Faculty of Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Electrical Electronics Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering


Faculty of Law

  • Private and Islamic Law

  • Public and International law


Faculty of Management Science

  • Accounting

  • Banking and Finance

  • Business Administration

  • Public Administration


Faculty of Sciences

  • Biological Sciences

  • Chemistry

  • Computer Sciences

  • Mathematics

  • Microbiology

  • Physics


Faculty of Social Science

  • Economics

  • Geography and Environment Management

  • Political Science

  • Sociology


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

  • Animal Health and Reproduction

  • Veterinary Anatomy

  • Parasitology and Entomology

  • Physiology and Biochemistry

  • Veterinary Pathology

  • Veterinary Public Health and Prev.

  • Veterinary Theriogenology

  • Veterinary Microbiology

  • Veterinary Teaching Hospital



The list of Courses Offered in University of Abuja is Made Possible with the help of the infopro.com.ng




  1. is uniabuja accredited with medicine and surgery..... pharmacy.... and what does medical biochemistry means please..... am about to write JAMB and I'm choosing uniabuja as my first choice..... either pharmacy or medical biochemistry... as my course

  2. is veterinary medicine is accredited in uniabuja.

  3. Please is computer science accredited in uniabuja

  4. I scored 179 can I get admission in uniabuja for accounting or business administration

  5. pls what is the required cut off mark for pharmacy and biochem in uniabuja.. that is if it's accredited...

  6. Approved Jamb Cut off mark is 180

  7. please law is accredited in uniabuja indeed reply

  8. Please has LAW been accredited In uniabuja and what is the cut off mark for it

  9. Please I combined english,literature government and Crs for pub admin will it be accepted?

  10. is law course available oraaccreditedredit in uni ? I want to buy DE

  11. Jamb accept English, Government, Economics with any other Related subject

  12. I'll like you to notify me when kogi, both STATE AND FEDERAL university utme form is vis email

  13. Is Federal University Of Abuja Offering Medical Biochemistry?? And What Is The Cut Off Mark??

  14. please will uniabuja accept student who did change of institution into uniabuja ?

  15. please I had 220 in my utme can I go for philosophy and religion and please is the course joined together

  16. is physics accredited in uniabuja

  17. Is sociology accredited in uniabj?

  18. Please I applied for law at uniabuja and scored 218 in jamb, now am hearing that it has not been accredited, is it true? What should I do about it....

  19. you don't have to panic, will be accredited soon

  20. Is political sci and international relation fully accredited in uniabuja

  21. Is m.eng electrical engineering accredited in uniabuja?


  23. please has uni abuja accredited political science and international relations?

  24. Pls is medicine accredited in uniabuja

  25. Bua suleiyol VictoriaJune 12, 2018 at 3:18 AM

    I applied For Education and biology in university of Abuja. But they said is not accredited, what am I supposed to do now

  26. Education and biology is accredited

  27. please have they accredited political science and international relations in uniabuja

  28. Can I be given pure physics if I apply through direct entry with my NCE?


  30. is international relation and politics accredited?

  31. please wat did i require to study biology in uniabuja

  32. Please I had 227 in jamb will I be given medicine and surgery or Nursing

  33. Pls is microbiology accredited in uniabuja

  34. yes u can, depend on your score in post Utme.

  35. I did not write history in my ssce and jamb but i applied for it what should i do. And can i till change my course now pls reply me by mail @silasmichaelskiper@gmail.com

  36. Is biological science accredited in uniabuja

  37. Is medical laboratory science accredited in uniabuja?

  38. please is obstetrics and gynecology accredited in uniabuja, also what is jamb cut off point


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