Home Exterior Designs – Top 10 Modern Trends

Home Exterior Designs – Top 10 Modern Trends

The home exterior design is as imported as the interior design. It seems simple, but first impressions matter. Create a simple house exterior is not easy. When dreaming about a new exterior for your home, think about what you want neighbors and family to see and feel when they arrive at your house. And just like you might for a kitchen or bedroom redesign. pay attention to what you like. When people first look at your house. it is the exterior design part that they will recognize first. Browse through magazines or drive through neighborhoods. take notes of exteriors that appeal to you. Try to identify the features and elements that stand out to create a beautiful home. Think about the impression you want to make and draw from ideas. colors and themes that you like. In the event that you arrangement on having another house. you may need to acknowledge having a great exterior home design. Here we talk about Modern Home Exterior Trends. A bea…

List of Accredited Courses Offered in Tai Solarin University of Education

we Have gathered the information you needed on the Full Lists of Accredited Courses Offered in Tai Solarin University of Education

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Admission Requirements



Candidate seeking admission into 4 year programme at Tai Solarin University should meet the requirement listed below.


  1. Possess at least Five(5) Credit at passes at WAEC/NECO/GCE or equivalent obtained at one sitting including English Language and Mathematics or Six(6) credit at not more than two sittings. National Technical Certificate/ National Business Certificate (NTC/NBC) is acceptable for Vocational courses only.

  2. Should be at least 16 year of age be applying for admission

  3. Should meet the College and Departmental Requirements.



Here are the Comprehensive lists of Courses Offered at Tai Solarin University of Education by the National University Commission.


College of Science and Information Technology

  • Biological Sciences

  • Chemical Science

  • Computer and Information Science

  • Human Kinetics and Health Education

  • Mathematics

  • Physics and Telecommunication


College of Specialized and Professional Education

  • Adult Education

  • Counselling Psychology

  • Educational Foundations and Instructional Education

  • Educational Management

  • Library and Information Science


College of Humanities

  • Creative Arts

  • English Studies

  • French

  • History and Diplomatic Studies

  • Religious Studies

  • Yoruba Language

College of Social and Management Science

  • Economics

  • Geography and Environmental Management

  • Political Science

  • Sociological Studies


College of Vocational Technology Education

  • Agricultural Science

  • Business Education

  • Home Economics

  • Technical Education



The list of accredited Courses Offered at Tai Solarin University of Eduction is made possible with the help of theinfopro.com.ng Admin.


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    Pls notify me of the new admission into pgd on health Education.


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Home Exterior Designs – Top 10 Modern Trends