Home Exterior Designs – Top 10 Modern Trends

Home Exterior Designs – Top 10 Modern Trends

The home exterior design is as imported as the interior design. It seems simple, but first impressions matter. Create a simple house exterior is not easy. When dreaming about a new exterior for your home, think about what you want neighbors and family to see and feel when they arrive at your house. And just like you might for a kitchen or bedroom redesign. pay attention to what you like. When people first look at your house. it is the exterior design part that they will recognize first. Browse through magazines or drive through neighborhoods. take notes of exteriors that appeal to you. Try to identify the features and elements that stand out to create a beautiful home. Think about the impression you want to make and draw from ideas. colors and themes that you like. In the event that you arrangement on having another house. you may need to acknowledge having a great exterior home design. Here we talk about Modern Home Exterior Trends. A bea…


We have gathered the list of Approved NUC Courses offered in Niger Delta University

 Niger Delta University theinfopro.com.ng


Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission into the first degree programme, candidates should

  1. Have five (5) credit pass in not more than two sittings including English Language and Mathematics in any of the following examinations;


  • General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level Examination

  • West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE),

  • National Examination Council (NECO),

  • National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB) or their equivalents

  1. Obtain the minimum cut-off score in UME conducted by JAMB

  2. Meet the various departmental registration requirements


Note: Candidate must be 16 years or above before he/she can be admitted.


Here are the Comprehensive Lists of Courses Offered in Niger Delta University


Faculty of Agriculture

  • Agric Economics

  • Animal Sciences

  • Crop Science

  • Fisheries and Aquatic Studies


Faculty of Arts

  • English and Literary Studies

  • Fine, Industrial and Theater Arts

  • History and Diplomacy

  • Philosophy and Religious Studies


Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

  • Human Anatomy

  • Biochemistry

  • Physiology

  • Anatomical Pathology

  • Chemical Pathology

  • Haematology and Immunology

  • Medical Microbiology and Parasitology

  • Pharmacology

  • Medical Laboratory Science


Faculty of Clinical Sciences

  • Surgery

  • Community Health Medicine

  • Paediatrics

  • Obstetrics and Gyneacology

  • Internal Medicine

  • Psychiatrics


Faculty of Education

  • Education Foundation

  • Vocational and Technical Education

  • Teacher Education


Faculty of Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Agricultural and Environmental Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering

  • Petroleum/ Chemical Engineering


Faculty of Management Science

  • Accountancy and Finance

  • Business Administration


Faculty of Law

  • Jurisprudency/Public Law

  • Private/Property Law


Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice

  • Pharmacology and Toxicology

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology

  • Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology

  • Pharmacognosy and Herbal Medicine


Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Economics

  • Geography and Environmental Management

  • Political Sciences

  • Sociology


Faculty of Sciences

  • Biological Sciences

  • Physics and Geology

  • Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Pure and Applied Chemistry


Faculty of Nursing

  • Medical Surgical Nursing

  • Maternal and Child Health Nursing

  • Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

  • Community Health Nursing




The list of Approved Courses Offered in Niger Delta University in made possible with the help of theinfopro.com.ng Admin.



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Home Exterior Designs – Top 10 Modern Trends