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How to create your first digital product in 5 steps

A digital product can achieve a tremendous reach in a very short time and become a scalable success. This kind of "Digital Marketing" has the advantage of generating leads without any financial outlay and is also quick and easy to implement for starters.
Digital advertising and distribution are the keys to success for virtually every service and every product. How to create your digital product in just 5 steps:

1. Set destinations for your e-mail list

It is important to pursue a strategy. Especially in the digital sector, the market is confusing. Anyone who does not act purposefully and systematically here is lost and can not manage to position themselves. If you have an idea for a product that may already be ready for marketing, the first step is to think about what you're aiming to do when creating an email list. An e-mail list is more than just a data collection.

Ideally, you already have a customer avatar, that is, an idea of ​​who your potential customers are, what moves them, and what might cause them to buy your product. What further steps do you plan if you have the necessary e-mail addresses? How would you like to address your potential customers? How do you reach them? Creating a customer avatar helps you to understand the needs of your target audience and to serve them in the next step.

2. Develop a freebie

Freebies are free product samples, called lead magnets, that you provide to your potential customers. You draw attention to your performance with such free offers. Nobody will book chargeable services unless they have any idea of ​​you as a supplier, or of the quality of your product. Create a lead magnet that is meaningful and attractive - so attractive that your customers will want more and are ready to pay for it. It goes without saying that this lead magnet is just an apetizer and does not already feature essential core content of your actual product.

3. Create a landing page

If the interest of your contacts has been aroused, they must be linked to a landing page via an e-mail link. This landing page must be meaningful and interesting. Feel into your customer avatars: What could captivate you? What causes them not only to click on the link, but also to remain on the page, take up content and, at best, click on further pages? The goal of your landing page will be to "pick up" potential customers and get them to buy your digital product. Ask yourself, what would interest you personally in a landing page, that you would buy a product without further hesitation.

4. Win over facebook customers

With these first three steps, you have created the basis for your product. Now it's time to expand your reach and generate potential leads. This is most effectively done through social media channels. Facebook has an enormous reach and offers you virtually the chance to place yourself and your digital product.
The creation of a fan page is the first step. Take your time here and make sure that this fan page to your digital product is complete, meaningful and attractive. Here you should regularly invest time and post on your fan page interesting, informative and appealing posts, which are composed of images, text contributions and videos. Varied should be your contributions and not always purely promotional nature. To network further, it is advisable to engage in groups relevant to you and your product and also to share contributions from other fan sites that share similar areas of interest. This is the only way social media works. If you are specifically active here, you will expand your reach automatically.

5. Offer web content

Have you attracted potential customers? Just putting ads on your digital product at this point is boring and may cause you to lose the generated leads again. Even if your product is not purchased immediately, leads can become customers at a later date. But you have to keep up the interest.
This is possible through informative, free offers, which you can advertise via your page, via facebook or by e-mail. These include regular blog articles that add value to your customers. Also, a free webinar is quickly created and causes users to be interested in your offer and eventually ready to purchase your digital product. Find out how to win customers online with a webinar here .